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“I worked, I played soccer, and I went to nursing school. Rutgers–Camden helps give you really good time-management skills. It’s awesome to be involved in as much as you can.”
Aubrey Andrews
Rutgers University–Camden

Aubrey's Story

Aubrey Andrews credits her professors and coaches at Rutgers University–Camden for helping her achieve the success she’s had as an award-winning nursing student and soccer star. “I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support,” said Andrews, whose high grade-point average and on-the-field performance earned her academic and athletic awards, including being named Woman of the Year by the New Jersey Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women. “My coaches and faculty understand you are more than just an athlete and you are more than just a student—you get to have the whole experience. It’s great networking and life experience.”

Andrews, who worked as a technician at Cooper University Hospital during her junior and senior years, said the experience of staying very busy has prepared her for her career. “I worked, I played soccer, and I went to nursing school. Rutgers–Camden helps give you really good time-management skills. It’s awesome to be involved as much as you can.”

In the Classroom, In the Clinic

Andrews, who plans to work as a trauma nurse, said the hands-on approach of the Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden faculty connects with her. “While you do have lectures, a lot of course time in nursing is clinical-based involving lab simulations. It has been awesome for me because that’s the kind of learner I am. You do it and you get the experience.”

Much of her coursework has involved working in major medical centers in the Philadelphia area. “All the clinical experiences they’ve given are at amazing hospitals,” she said, adding that in addition to Cooper she has worked at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. “The connections you get to make are great. More than a lot of schools, you get a really good variety. It has been really good for me professionally. It’s great exposure.”

Expert Support

A key to all she has learned is the support and expertise of her professors. “They partner with you a lot. They often talk about their own clinical experiences. They are a great resource to have in connections and networking. You learn much from them as they share their own experiences.”

She said faculty had an open-door policy. “They are really approachable. They really want you to succeed. They are great on providing resources and giving tips on what they’ve done.”

Affordable Tuition Close to Home

Andrews spent her first year of college at the College of New Jersey, but transferred to Rutgers–Camden the beginning of her sophomore year and moved back into her parents’ home in Haddon Heights. “I don’t live far and I don’t mind commuting over. It’s nice to be able to sleep in your own bed and have your mom cook your meals and do your laundry.”

She said the lower tuition at Rutgers–Camden was a major factor in her college choice. “I’m paying for the majority of my college. This was just way more manageable. It’s a great bang for your buck here. And I’m getting a Rutgers education, which is a nationwide name.”