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“We don’t call anybody freshmen; we call them first-years. We don’t refer to people by where they’re starting, but rather celebrate what they can become.”
Arianna Fontanilla
Health Sciences and Leadership
Camden College of Arts and Sciences
Rutgers University–Camden

Meet with Arianna

Arianna is a senior Health Sciences major with a double minor in Psychology and Leadership.

She is the past President of the Filipino League of Innovative Pinoy Students, a mentor in the Leadership Institute, works for Athletics, and is a proud Executive Ambassador Leader. She commutes to campus via the PATCO Train.

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How would you describe the community of students on campus here?
We don’t call anybody freshmen, we call them first years. We have a lot of transfers and international students so we don’t want to refer to anybody by the point they’re starting at, but rather celebrate what they can become.

Why do you prefer commuting to school?
I can’t recommend commuting enough. I think everybody should be using public transportation. I can take the River LINE to Camden or the PATCO to Philadelphia. I’m even part of a program where I get a gift card back for how much I spend on transit per month. So commuting saves me money, allows me to be more independent, and I still have access to a lot of great opportunities.