New Jersey families can dramatically reduce their college costs by up to 100 percent at Rutgers University–Camden. The first of its kind among New Jersey’s public four-year colleges and universities, this innovative program can help you greatly reduce or completely avoid student loan debt.

How It Works

Reduce your college costs by up to 100 percent!

The program closes the gap between federal, state, and institutional sources of financial support and the balance of tuition and the general campus fee. Rutgers–Camden automatically applies the Bridging the Gap grant to these remaining costs after any other need-based federal, state, and/or institutional aid have been applied, based on family adjusted gross income (AGI):

  • $60,000 or less: receive a grant covering 100 percent of tuition and the general campus fee.
  • $60,001 to $80,000: receive a grant covering 75 percent of remaining tuition and the general campus fee.
  • $80,001 to $100,000: receive a grant covering 50 percent of remaining tuition and the general campus fee.

Criteria for Annual Renewal

Students may renew their Bridging the Gap grant annually provided that they:

  1. successfully complete 30 credit hours in an academic year;
  2. remain in good academic standing; and
  3. complete the FAFSA every year; and
  4. complete the roadmap to success program.

Roadmap to Success

As a first-year student receiving Bridging the Gap funds, you are required to participate in the Roadmap to Success program in order to maintain funding eligibility. In this program, you are required to attend a 1-hour weekly seminar during free period for the duration of the semester. These weekly seminar sessions will cover areas geared to assist in building academic strategies for success. Attendance to these weekly seminars is mandatory. Any unexcused absences will result in a loss of Bridging the Gap funding for the semester. Questions about the program? Contact


How to Apply

Applying for Bridging the Gap is easy.

  1. Apply as a first-year applicant.
  2. Complete the FAFSA.

There is no separate application for the program. Applicants who meet the criteria are automatically considered when they apply and are admitted for admission to Rutgers University–Camden.

Who Is Eligible?

The program is open to students who have never attended college and enroll as first-year undergraduate students on a full-time basis (at least 30 credits per academic year*) in degree programs on the Rutgers University–Camden campus. (*Please note that developmental courses that are successfully passed will be counted toward a student’s 30 earned credits per academic year requirement.)

Residents of the State of New Jersey who are also U.S. citizens (or legal permanent U.S. residents) are eligible.

This program is not transferrable to other Rutgers campuses or off-campus Rutgers programs.

Rutgers University–Camden continues to offer merit scholarships and other financial aid for students not eligible for the Bridging the Gap program.

More Information

Camden County College student?

You may be eligible for Bridging the Gap as a transfer student.

Questions about Bridging the Gap?

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It was such a huge relief to my parents for me to be enrolled in the Bridging the Gap program. It was very important that I get a good education while not taking out huge student loans and putting my parents or myself in debt.
Sierra Neal
I can graduate from college and go right into starting my life without worrying about another bill.
Samantha Cotton