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Undergraduate Admissions

Conditions of Enrollment

We welcome your admission to Rutgers University for Fall (September) 2022 and the Engineers of the Future program.

When you enroll at Rutgers, you will need to understand the conditions under which you have been admitted and complete each of the items below.

  • Acknowledge your admission and tell us whether or not you will enroll through your Application Portal by May 1, 2022, or within one week of the date of your admission notification, whichever is later.

  • Submit the $150 acceptance fee through your Application Portal.

  • Request your school counselor submit final official transcripts of all coursework you have completed as soon as your current semester courses are completed and all grades are recorded. Official transcripts from any college attended are required. First-year students must submit a final official high school transcript showing all courses, grades, and graduation date. Final official records must include certification of any diplomas or degrees and should be sent as soon as they are available, but no later than July 1, 2022. Read through instructions on how to send final official transcripts.

  • Note: Your enrollment at Rutgers is contingent upon satisfactory completion, with no significant decline in grades, of all academic work still in progress when your application was reviewed and that all information provided on your application was complete and true. When you accept our offer of admission, we will check your file to verify that all of your high school and college transcripts have been received and are official. If your final official records are not received and/or are not consistent with the records with which you were admitted, your admission may be revoked.

  • You have been admitted to the Engineers of the Future program at the Rutgers–New Brunswick School of Engineering. Your admission is conditioned on the successful completion of the Engineers of the Future Summer Institute. This five-week summer program scheduled from June 26, 2022–July 29, 2022 is free of charge and provides an experience designed to ease your transition to college as well as advising and counseling support throughout your academic career. You may contact the School of Engineering at 848-445-2687 for further information.

  • Review and comply with the Rutgers Student Code of Conduct.

  • Follow all instructions about placement testing, registration, and orientation requirements. Information about these important steps will be communicated to you later and will be available through the myRutgers Dashboard once you activate your NetID, accept an offer of admission, and pay the acceptance fee.

  • Meet all of the enrollment provisions outlined in your Conditions of Enrollment and on the myRutgers Dashboard within the timeframes indicated. You are responsible for making sure that we receive all required credentials. Please use your Rutgers Application Portal and your myRutgers Dashboard to track your progress through these and all other required steps to enrollment.

  • All enrolling students are required to submit a Pre-Entrance Immunization Record, including COVID-19 vaccine documentation or exemption request by June 1, 2022. If you accepted your offer of admission after this date, you must submit your COVID-19 vaccination record or exemption request within seven calendar days of accepting our offer. Additional information will be available online.

Most official documentation can be sent electronically (including via Naviance/Parchment or SCOIR). If official documentation must be mailed, please send all required enrollment credentials to:

Undergraduate Admissions Operations Center
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Proctor Hall
65 Davidson Road, Suite 301
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8097