Receive a scholarship of up to $12,000 per year when you transfer from Camden County College to Rutgers University–Camden as an international student.

Earning a World-Class Rutgers Degree Is Possible

As part of our Premier Partnership with Camden County College, the International Chancellor’s Scholarship for Camden County College puts a Rutgers degree within reach for nonsponsored, international students who hold an F-1 visa.

Qualifying students who enroll in the following programs are eligible to receive a scholarship:

  • On-campus bachelor’s degree programs at Rutgers University–Camden.
  • Rutgers University–Camden degree-completion programs on Camden County College’s Blackwood campus.

How It Works

Rutgers University–Camden will offer a scholarship of $10,000 ($5,000 per semester) to all nonsponsored, international graduates of Camden County College who meet admission requirements and enroll full-time (12 or more credits per semester) at Rutgers University–Camden or Rutgers at Camden County College Blackwood campus.

Applicants with final Camden County College GPAs in the ranges below can receive an additional merit scholarship:

  • 3.0 to 3.5 GPA: additional $2,000 (total scholarship of $12,000; $6,000 per semester)
  • 3.51 to 4.0 GPA: additional $5,000 (total scholarship of $15,000; $7,500 per semester)

The scholarship is renewable if the student maintains a 2.5 GPA at Rutgers University–Camden.

How to Apply

There is no separate application for the scholarship. Applicants who meet the criteria are automatically considered when they apply and are admitted to Rutgers University–Camden.

Who Is Eligible?

Nonsponsored international F-1 visa students (not sponsored by a government agency but who self-pay) who graduate from Camden County College with an associate of science (A.S.), associate of arts (A.A.), or associate of fine arts (A.F.A.) degree, and meet Rutgers University–Camden admission requirements.

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