Coming to the United States to attend Rutgers University–Camden? Here are some quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from International students. If you do not see your question addressed, feel free to contact the Admissions Office for more information.


I am currently attending a U.S. high school, but some of my high school education was completed in another country. Am I still required to submit an English proficiency examination score?

Typically, an international student studying in a U.S. high school is not required to submit an English proficiency examination if an acceptable SAT or ACT is provided. However, occasionally Admissions will give you an opportunity to submit an English proficiency exam to increase your chances of admission. 

My status screen shows that you still need my foreign college transcripts but I already submitted my transcript evaluations from an evaluation service. What else do I need to submit?

A transcript evaluation completed by an evaluation service does not serve as an official school record. A student's application for admission is not complete until we have received all official secondary school records, all official university or college records showing yearly subjects and marks, and appropriate test scores.

I am required to submit an English proficiency examination score with my application, but I do not have my score yet. Is it possible to be admitted to Rutgers under the condition that I submit an acceptable English proficiency examination score before I enroll?

International students must demonstrate the required level of English proficiency to be admitted as degree candidates to Rutgers University. However, Rutgers may offer conditional admission to students who have done well in their studies but who still need to improve their English language skills.

Is financial aid available to international students?

While federal financial aid is available only to eligible U.S. citizens and permanent residents ("green card" holders), Rutgers University–Camden offers a variety of scholarships available only to international students.

Will you accept a faxed or emailed copy of my bank letter?

Yes. However, for your visa to be issued, you must have original copies of financial documents to provide to your embassy.

It will take quite some time to have my official foreign transcripts sent from my country. Can I bring my foreign transcripts to your office to have them certified by an admissions representative?

Yes. Students may bring official copies of their foreign transcripts (along with photocopies) to our office to be certified as true copies of the originals.

My documents are not in English. Do I need to provide translations?

Yes. Documents not in English must be accompanied by a translation verified by a professional translator, and they must be presented on the professional letterhead of the translator.

Can my bank letter show a lesser amount than what is indicated on the International Student Financial Statement?

Yes, if providing more than one source of funding (ie. scholarship letter, bank statements) whose sum is higher than or equal to the amount indicated on the International Student Financial Statement. U.S. government regulations require students who will hold a student F-1 visa to prove to the university that they will be financially supported for the first year of enrollment. 

I am a U.S. citizen attending a foreign high school. Am I required to submit an English proficiency examination score?

Yes. Regardless of U.S. residency status, an English proficiency examination is required of all students whose secondary schooling has been outside the U.S. in a country where English is not the principal language.

I currently reside in the United States, but all of my education was completed in a foreign country. Should I apply as an international student?

Our application does not ask students to identify themselves as "international." Instead, all applicants are asked to indicate whether they are a US citizen, green card holder, or non-US citizen, non-green card holder. If the student selects the latter, they must indicate the visa they plan to hold while attending Rutgers. Please note that government regulations require students who will hold a student (F-1) visa to prove to the university that they have the financial means to live and study in the United States.