Rutgers University–Camden looks at a variety of factors when considering first-year and transfer applicants, including academics, test scores, activities, and experience.

First-Year Applicants

Current high school students and high school graduates who have never attended college or earned 12 or fewer college credits should apply as first-year applicants to Rutgers University–Camden.

Requirements for:

  • Camden College of Arts and Sciences
  • Rutgers School of Business–Camden
  • Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden

For admission to all schools and colleges at Rutgers University–Camden your academic record must show you will have earned 16 academic units (outlined below) by the time of graduation.

  • English: four years
  • Foreign language: two years of one language
  • Mathematics: three years, including algebra I, geometry, algebra II
  • Science: two years (one year each of biology and chemistry for the School of Nursing)
  • Other courses: five other academic courses
  • Total: 16 academic courses


first-year Application requirements


Transfer Applicants

If you are a high school graduate who will have completed at least 12 college credits before your expected date of entry into Rutgers University–Camden, we make decisions based on your college and high school transcripts or your GED results.

There is no minimum GPA required to apply as a transfer student to Rutgers–Camden. Grade-point averages from previous institutions do not transfer. Certain programs, such as social work, require an additional application and have additional admission criteria.

transfer Application requirements

International Applicants

In addition to the criteria for first-year or transfer applicants, international students must submit additional criteria, such as English language proficiency.

International Application Information