Ready to apply? Find out which application to use when you apply as a first-year or transfer student.

First-Year Applicants

Use the undergraduate admissions application to apply as a first-year student if you have never attended college as a matriculated (degree-seeking) student. A first-year applicant may be a current high school student or an adult who has taken 12 or fewer college credits. Please note that students must apply separately to social work program during their sophomore year at Rutgers–Camden and cannot apply as a first-year student.

Undergraduate Admissions Application

Transfer Applicants

Use the undergraduate admissions application to apply as a transfer student if you have already graduated from high school and will have earned at least 12 college credits before your expected start at Rutgers–Camden. Transfer students interested in social work or teacher preparation must apply separately to social work program after having been admitted to Rutgers–Camden.

Undergraduate Admissions Application

Graduate and Professional School Applicants

Most schools and colleges at Rutgers–Camden use the universitywide graduate school application. To apply to Rutgers Law School, use the LSAC application. Application deadlines vary by program.

Graduate Admissions Application

LSAC Application

Visiting Students

You’re considered a visiting student if you are enrolled at another college or university and interested in taking courses at Rutgers–Camden.

Fall or Spring Semester

Visiting students who wish to take classes during the fall or spring semesters must apply for non-degree study using the undergraduate admissions application. You must be in good academic standing at your current school. College transcripts and the application fee are required.

Undergraduate Admissions Application

Winter or Summer Classes

No application is necessary to take winter or summer classes. Learn more about registration for Summer Session and Winter Session at Rutgers–Camden.

Non-Matriculating Students

First-year or transfer applicants interested in non-degree study must apply as a non-matriculating student using the undergraduate admissions application and meet the admissions criteria.

Undergraduate Admissions Application

Current/Former Rutgers Students

School-to-School Transfer

Rutgers students who have not yet graduated but would like to change schools and pursue a degree at another Rutgers undergraduate school must apply for a school-to-school transfer.

School-to-School Transfer Application

Pursue Additional Degree

Rutgers students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program who would like to pursue an additional undergraduate degree at another Rutgers school after graduation should apply for re-enrollment.

Re-Enrollment Application

Former Students

Students who left Rutgers or stopped taking classes and wish to return to any Rutgers school should re-apply for re-enrollment.

Re-Enrollment Application