Bachelor of Arts

About Political Science

A degree in Political Science provides a solid foundation for careers in law, government service and national security, among others. The major introduces students to the study of politics by exploring the tools, skills, and theories involved in analyzing power in governmental groups in the United States and other parts of the globe. The major is designed to lead students toward proficiency in experiential learning through internships, study abroad, and independent research.

The Political Science major introduces students to the study of politics by exploring the tools, skills and theories of how power is exercised in government and in groups in the United States, in other societies and across nations. The major also opens the door to:

  • Experiential learning through internships and study abroad;
  • An accelerated BA/MPA degree
  • Individual research in the most active department honors program on campus
  • Graduate and professional studies including law, public policy, and public administration;
  • Careers in legislative work, elections, lobbying and policy advocacy organizations, national security, and digital politics

Related Programs and Degrees

  • Major (B.A., B.A./M.P.A.)
  • Minors
    • Political Science
    • International Politics
    • Public Administration and Government Service
  • National Security Studies Certificate Program
  • Political Science Honors Program

B.A./M.P.A. Dual Degree Program

Rutgers University–Camden offers motivated, career-minded students majoring in Political Science the opportunity to enroll in an accelerated degree program where they can earn a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science as well as a Master of Public Administration from our Department of Public Policy & Administration (DPPA) on an accelerated basis.

Undergraduates take four graduate classes (12 credits) billed at the undergraduate rate, that count toward both their Bachelor of Arts and their Master of Public Administration degrees. Learn more about dual degree programs here! 

B.A./J.D. Dual Degree Program

Highly talented and qualified students have the opportunity to complete both a Bachelor of Arts and a Juris Doctor in six years rather than seven through the B.A./J.D. Dual Degree Program. Learn more here! 

Political Science Honors Program

The Political Science Department offers a separate and unique Honors Program for motivated students. The departmental Honors Program is ideal for students seeking jobs in public or nonprofit sectors as well as advanced degrees in law, public policy or graduate study. The program gives students a unique opportunity to work closely with select Political Science faculty members and to develop a writing project of their choosing. To prepare for the final project, students participate in an Honors Seminar and Honors Research Workshop designed for honors candidates. The program culminates with an Honors Thesis modeled on the tutorial system of Oxford and Cambridge Universities, where students work closely with a Political Science faculty member to create an individualized reading list and develop an independent research project.

National Security Studies Certificate Program

The Rutgers University–Camden National Security Studies Certificate Program (NSSCP) provides students an opportunity to develop their understanding of twenty-first century national security threats, including traditional great power competition between states, nuclear proliferation, global warming, pandemic disease, cyber security, humanitarian crises, the challenges posed by failed and failing states, among others. Courses counting towards the attainment of this certificate both emphasize and reflect the growing diversity of security challenges faced by the United States. Recognizing the longstanding tension between security and liberty, this program will also address the interaction of national security and civil liberties in times of emergency. Find out more here! 

Sample Courses

  • Introduction to Politics
  • Judicial Process
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Violence, Revolution & Terrorism
  • Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • Latin American Politics
  • International Political Economy
  • New Jersey Politics
  • Money and Politics

Clubs and Organizations 

Sample Courses

  • Introduction to Politics

Sample Courses

  • Introduction to Politics