Bachelor of Arts

About Music (B.A.)

The Music Program is part of a strong liberal arts and professional curriculum. Musical literacy and practical skills are fostered within the context of history, culture, and aesthetic values at Rutgers University–Camden.

Students develop performing skills through private study or by joining one of the wide variety of performing ensembles on campus. Each seek to sharpen our students’ musicianship and provide opportunities to enjoy the works studied in the history and theory courses. The range of performance experiences offered is extensive, with student groups presenting an average of 40 performances a year. Through the  Madrigal Ensemble, Rutgers University Singers, Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra Ensemble, and other student-created groups, instrumentalists and vocalists of all disciplines are afforded opportunities to showcase their talents and hone their performance skills while being exposed to a broad selection of classical and modern works.


  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Madrigal Ensemble
  • Orchestra Ensemble
  • RU Singers
  • WCCR

Sample Courses

  • Basic Musicianship I, II, III, IV
  • Music Theory I, II, III
  • Computer Applications in Music I
  • History of Music I, II, III, IV
  • Counterpoint I
  • World Music
  • Rutgers Choir