Bachelor of Science

About Management

The Management major provides training in analyzing problems, making decisions, delegating assignments, training and supervising employees, budgeting, and coordinating. This major provides the skills needed to secure an entry-level position, as well as the tools needed by top management to lead an organization. The management area encompasses operations, entrepreneurship, management information systems, strategy, and international business. Whether you want to be an entrepreneur, or gain a broad understanding of how the business world works, a management major will make you well rounded in business.

MIS/Ecommerce Concentration: The Ecommerce technology specialization prepares students skills necessary to help businesses compete and develop strategies for interactions among companies, employees, customers, and suppliers

Strategy/International Business/ Entrepreneurship Concentration: The strategy/international business/entrepreneurship management specialization provides students with preparation for a career as an entrepreneur, a corporate entrepreneur, or consultant.

Related Programs and Degrees

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Sciences 
  • Specializations:
    • General Management
    • Strategy/International Business/Entrepreneurship
    • Management Information Systems/Ecommerce

Sample Courses

  • Microeconomic Principles
  • Macroeconomic Principles
  • Business Essentials
  • Business Communications
  • Business Law I: Legal Environment
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Management of Multinational Business

Clubs and Organizations