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Master of Arts

About Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies program meets the needs of qualified, motivated students who seek the expanded intellectual experience and improved career potential afforded by a bachelor’s degree. Students gain critical skills essential to the liberal arts and pursue a well-rounded program that combines courses in humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The interdisciplinary opportunities offered by the Liberal Studies program helps develop the critical and creative knowledge needed to understand a complex and quickly changing world.

Students receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies have a broad range of career possibilities. Employers hire Liberal Studies majors because they possess widely applicable skills that are transferable to the workplace. The most common career fields for Liberal Studies majors are Advertising/ Public Relations, Banking, Communications, Consulting, Education, Government, Human Resources, Law, Library and Information, Science, Marketing, Management, Publishing, and Technical Writing.

Related Programs and Degrees

The dual degree program gives students the opportunity to save time and money, and earn a significant competitive career advantage by graduating with an advanced Rutgers degree. With dual degree, students will have the option of enrolling in one graduate course in each semester of their undergraduate senior year that would count as both an undergraduate degree requirement and a graduate degree requirement. This would allow students to work on their graduate degree while satisfying their undergraduate requirements. After completing their bachelor’s degree, students would only need eight extra classes to have their Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree from Rutgers University–Camden. Learn more here!