Bachelor of Arts

About German

The German major at Rutgers University–Camden offers students a wealth of knowledge in all levels of the German language, literature, and culture. Through study in this program students will be exposed to:

  • German art and performance
  • Study abroad, either for a summer term, or a semester or year-long program in Germany
  • German movie nights and other campus social events

The program is designed with the intention of providing a foundation of language proficiency through a nuanced approach to knowledge of the culture and its history. Courses taught in the German language program include topics such as German Literature in English Translation and German Cinema in English Translation. Majoring in German is also an excellent preparation for a variety of business careers, for graduate and professional programs, for teaching careers at various levels, and for life as an educated and enlightened citizen of the world.

Study Abroad

Study abroad is an important supplement to the study of a foreign language. Spending time in a German-speaking country is an invaluable capstone to a college program in German. The experience brings a level of fluency and a degree of understanding of German culture that can hardly be attained through classroom study alone.

One of the easiest ways for Rutgers University–Camden students to study in Germany is to participate in the Rutgers Study Abroad Program.With credits transferring seamlessly to Rutgers University–Camden and available scholarships, many students take advantage of the many opportunities including summer programs at the University of Constance (Konstanz) in Southern Germany, study tours, and academic year programs. Learn more here! 

Sample Courses

  • Elementary and Intermediate German
  • German Conversation and Composition
  • Advanced Grammar and Stylistics
  • German Culture and Civilization
  • German Literature in English Translation
  • German Cinema in English Translation I & II
  • Survival German'

Clubs and Organizations