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About French

Over 220 million people around the world speak French. Rutgers University–Camden's French program is designed to give students proficiency in the native language of France while educating them on the civilization and culture. Coursework in the French program focuses not just on linguistic principles of the language, but also provides a broader perspective of the culture as a whole through courses on French literature and history, while providing opportunities to study abroad in places like Paris, Canada or Switzerland to name a few.

French language courses are designed for students interested in utilizing French for business, travel, cultural knowledge, enjoyment, or advanced study. This multifaceted approach to French studies ensures that upon graduation students will have developed a strong knowledge of the French language and have built a foundation that they can rely on for use in business practice, advanced study, or even teaching. Our alumni have secured successful careers in business, law, counseling, graphic design, education, and medicine as well as language education, translation, editing, and journalism.

Study Abroad

One of the most rewarding experiences of learning French is traveling to Francophone countries to interact with native speakers and experience their cultures firsthand. The French program at Rutgers University–Camden urges study abroad as a vital part of language learning and intercultural development.

One of the easiest ways for our students to study in a Francophone country is to participate in the Rutgers Study Abroad Program. With credits transferring seamlessly to Rutgers University–Camden and available scholarships, many students take advantage of study abroad opportunities including academic year programs, summer programs in Paris, and study tours. Learn more here!

Sample Courses

  • Elementary French I & II
  • Intermediate French I & II
  • French Composition and Conversation I & II
  • Modern French Readings I & II
  • The French Film in French
  • French Civilization
  • Women in French Literature in English Translation


Clubs and Organizations