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About Childhood Studies

Interested in working with children in several capacities? Childhood studies is the theoretical study of children and childhood. The major is interdisciplinary and allows students to study childhood in historical, literary, and global contexts. Childhood studies majors will understand the relationship between childhood and culture, as well as how economic, social, and political conditions influence children’s livelihoods and welfare. Students will also explore how adult views on childhood have influenced the ways children were treated, the role of children in contemporary society, and children’s rights. Graduates will gain the analytic skills necessary to work effectively with children, gain an appreciation for the diversity of paths through childhood and adolescence, and have a commitment to the welfare of children throughout the world.

Sample Courses

  • Kids' Media Cultures
  • History of Youth
  • Developing Minds and Bodies
  • Children's Books and Illustrations
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Child Wellbeing
  • Understanding Childhood through Statistics

Clubs and Organizations 

What can I do with a Major in Childhood Studies?

The Bachelor of Arts program in Childhood Studies provides students with a strong foundation in the liberal arts and a strong background in both humanistic and social science perspectives on children. The degree program prepares students for innovative research in childhood studies or to become leaders in childhood related social practice and policy. This background also prepares students for successful careers in teaching, social service, public policy, education, and youth programming. Students interested in working in Early Childhood programs as certified teachers or administrators may choose to concentrate in Early Childhood Education.

Interested in Teaching?

Students interested in teaching in New Jersey public schools should be aware that there are three types of teaching certificates: P-3 (for those interested in teaching preschool, kindergarten, and grades 1-3), teacher of students with disabilities (grades p-12), elementary education (grades 1-6), and secondary (grades 8-12). It is possible to major in Childhood Studies and to obtain the P-3 or the elementary education certificate.


Related Programs and Degrees

Interested in a Master's degree also? The Childhood Studies department is pleased to offer engaged, qualified undergraduates the opportunity to earn a Master’s degree in Childhood Studies while they are completing their Bachelor’s degree. All B.A./M.A. programs at Rutgers University–Camden offer students excellent value allowing students to earn graduate credit at the cost of undergraduate courses.