Bachelor of Arts

About Art (B.A.)

The Art program at Rutgers University–Camden provides students with the skills and tools necessary to make an impact in the fields of graphic design, animation, illustration, photography, sculpture, Painting, or prepare for graduate studies in any of the artistic disciplines. With world-class, professionally active faculty and small class sizes, students in the program receive individualized attention and direction as part of a rigorous liberal arts education.

The focus on student-created work makes Rutgers–Camden a haven for the creative and adventurous artist. Students have access to the vibrant and thriving art scenes in both Philadelphia and New York City, and internships are readily available. With the wide variety of opportunities and personalized attention, Rutgers–Camden is the place to go for a well-rounded, collaborative arts education that will leave students prepared for graduate school, or a variety of career opportunities.

Areas of Concentration

  • Animation
  • Art Therapy
  • Graphic Design
  • Intermedia and Electronic Arts
  • Painting and Drawing
  • Photography
  • Sculpture

Sample Courses

  • Visual Fundamentals
  • Three-Dimensional Foundations
  • Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • Drawing I
  • Digital Photography I
  • Painting I
  • Sculpture I